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Docear (pronounced “dog-ear”) is an academic literature suite for searching, organizing and creating academic literature. It was originally created under the name SciPlore MindMapping (aka FreeMind Scholar) by Joeran Beel and Bela Gipp as part of their PhD projects in 2009. In Juli 2011 Joeran Beel and his colleagues Stefan Langer and Marcel Genzmehr received a grant to further develop SciPlore MindMapping, since then being called Docear. While SciPlore MindMapping was based on FreeMind, Docear is build upon the mind mapping software Freeplane and the reference manager JabRef. The term ‘Docear’ has two meanings. First, it is pronounced the same way as “dog-ear”, the folded down corner of a paper page. Second, “docear” in Latin means “I may be taught”.

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